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With over a decade in the interior design world, HinoJosa’s Sabrina Maclean has been dedicating her career to complementing spaces so that harmony comes across on all levels in her interiors.

She has been collecting crystals for the last 7 years, appreciating their ability to balance energy and it’s attributed healing powers. Understanding this, she has integrated them all over her home.

She strongly believe crystals have powerful components that when placed close to you(one) and your(one’s) environment can promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

She brought this collection to life in hopes of sharing the healing powers of crystals so that clients not only have a personalized and curated space but also a healthy and healing one.

Collaborating with industry expert Art & Loom, they have created this wonderful custom collection.


Sako meaning sand was created to look like an abstract zen garden. Japanese Zen Gardens were originally created to imitate the intimate essence of nature, and to serve as an aid in meditation and the true meaning of existence this zen garden inspired rug has been paired with clear quartz.


Kami meaning Paper inspired by rice paper’s translucency and texture. The multiple layers of this rice paper rug resemble our continuous growth in life.


The kuno meaning clouds, this rug is inspired by the clouds in the sky. Clouds signify constant change and aspiration of bigger goals in life.


Toro symbolizes joy inspired by the beautiful Japanese lanterns. It all about the circle of life and infinite nature of energy

SamanthaH Design Studio